Index 1. The Chord: chord Structure; Classification Of Chords Into Qualities; The Sixth Chord.
1. Tonality: the Seven Chords Of Tonality; Chord Alterations.
2. Harmonizing Melodies: the Three Basic Progressions; Progression In A Circle Of Fifths.
3. The Diatonic And Chromatic Progressions: the Diatonic Progressions; The Chromatic Progression; Alternative Use Of Progression; Harmonic Analysis.
4. Problems In Practicing Harmony: harmonic Synthesis; Method; Errors And “weak” Harmonizations.
5. Dynamic Interaction Of The Two Poles Of The Key: the Bipolar Relationship I-v; Replacement Of Chord Vi In The Progression I Vi Ii V; Importance Of The Tonal Center.
6. Expressive Alterations Of The Chords: suspension Of The Minor Chord; Variants Of The Dominant Chord.
7. Sustitution Of The Dominant Chord.
8. Replacement Of The Dominant Chord: exceptional Resolutions In The I Chord; Dominant Chord Without Preparation.
9. Stationary Chords And Parallel Chords.
10. Synonymous Chords And Inversions.
11. Reharmonizing Harmonized Melodies: conversion; Correction.
12. Minor Keys: relative Keys; The Triple Minor Scale; The Seven Chords Of A Minor Key.
13. Modulation: tonal Changes In The Course Of A Melody; Deliberete Tonal Changes.
14. Chord Extensions: interval Analysis; Basic Structure And Extensions; Limitations In The Use Of The Extensions.
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The Simple Bass Technique: Procedure; Variations For The Application Of The Simple Bass Technique; Application Problems; Execution; Practice.
Broken Chord: Broken Tenth; Broken Bass (forms A, B, And C); Application Problems; Practice.
Melody Treatment: Playing In Octaves; Reinforcement; Ornamentation; Paraphrases; Piano Fills.
“cross Hand” Arpeggio: Procedure; Variations; Execution; Practice.
Chords In Axis Position: Procedure; Variations; Practice.
Block Chords: Procedure; Inversions And Deviations; Practical Considerations; Execution; Practice.
Artificial Chords: Procedure; Practical Application; Practice.
Point Chords: Procedure; Practice.
Free Voicings: Procedure; Practice.
Chord Superimposition: Procedure; Practice.
Fourth Chords: Transformation Of Chords Into Fourths (qualities), Parallel Fourths; Practice.
Harmonic Distortion: Harmonic Distortion Forms; Practice.
Walking Bass Line: Procedure; Practical Considerations; Practice.
Arrangement Structure And Scope: Procedure; Practical Considerations; Practice.
Appendix I: Chord Scales.
Appendix Ii: Table Of “cross Hand” Arpeggios.
Symbol Interpretation Guide.
Table Of Chords.
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The Elements: Notes Of The Chords; Scales Associated To The Chords.
The Model.
Improvisation Program And Practice: Program; Practice; Acknowledgment; Routine; Improvisation.
Increasing The Alternatives: Whole Tone Scale; Artificial Chords; The Blues Scale; Block Chords.
Appendix – Exercises To Practice The Scales Diatonic Modes Artificial Scales
Guide For The Interpretation Of Symbols
Table Of Chords
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