Dr. Cesar de la Cerda (Psy. D., B.M.) began piano lessons with his grandfather Miguel Espinoza, a notable pianist who graduated from the Music Conservatory of Paris, France. Upon completion of his training as a professional musician and pianist at the Conservatory of Mexico in Mexico City, he received a Ph.D. in Psychology from The National Autonomous University of Mexico. He became interested in the modern expression of contemporary music, particularly jazz music.
He studied modern harmony, composition techniques and piano improvisation under the guidance of John Mehegan (Juilliard School of Music, New York City). He has been teaching in Mexico and the US, for the last 40 years, modern harmony, piano composition and piano improvisation to music students, professional musicians and people who just like playing music. His long experience in these matters made him to develop his unique method better known as MODERN TONAL HARMONY.
Cesar de la Cerda is the author of the books MODERN TONAL HARMONY, ARRANGING FOR THE PIANO and PIANO IMPROVISATION. These books summarized his work and they are an invaluable resource that any musician should have. Additionally Cesar de la Cerda has arranged 200 piano arrangements organized in 12 music albums, which include classical and standard styles, all which illustrate the practical application of his teaching. His books and methods are now being used by both students and teachers in all over the world.



“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart go together”